Youth Boxing is intended for students ages 8 to 12. This program is held ever Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm for beginners. We separate this group from the little guys and the as well as the big kids. This class is a bit more serious but still fun while learning the fundamentals of boxing. Though we do not expect for these kids to compete they are at the allowable age. If they desire to get into competition we will move them into our weekday program once they meet all physical requirements. These requirements includ 500 push ups and sit ups and a 3 mile run in under 24 minutes. Their ability and willingness to do this will be what determines their eligibility to move u.

The purpose of every class is to teach these students the art of boxing. These youth are training so that they can move into our competition Boxing program. Once a student is ready he will begin to compete in Sanctioned USA Boxing events throughout the States.