Teen Boxing Classes at the Warzone are for 13 to 17 year old boys & girls. This is a mixed group of beginners and novice students with professional boxers running the classes. We average 1 coach for every 5 students with 6 coaches on the floor at all times.

If your teen is interested in boxing for self-defense and getting in shape then this is it. Fitness is a big part of boxing and we want to get teens in the best shape possible. We also want to teach them how to defend themselves and help build their confidence. Teen Boxing Classes are offered from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Monday thru Thursday and Sunday morning team runs are optional. Classes are structured to cover the fundamentals of the sport while instilling respect, discipline and a positive attitude.  

Day one begins with students learning lateral and linear movements, pivots and turns. The proper use of the jab, its purpose and how to apply it correctly. The cross will follow and additional punches will be come in time. First they must understand the purpose of everything they are doing.

Competing is not the focus here, we do not encourage nor do we deny them the possibility to compete. We simply want to get teens in shape, teach self-defense, nutrition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But if your teen is interested in competing in US Amateur Boxing then we suggest you visit our Amateur Competition Boxing page. Just follow the link and you will get more information regarding competing at the Warzone. Future competition classes are held on different time and days so please ask for schedule.


Teen Boxing Classes