Personal Trainers can be found in every corner or shopping mall around. These days that is needed to be a certified personal trainer is internet access. A certification online can be obtained by just about anyone and unfortunately everyone is not a personal trainer. A majority of these internet trainers lack hands on experience. Cross fit trainers/owners take a short 72 hour course and are considered good enough to call themselves a personal trainer. It doesn’t make any sense, sure some will have success but what if you’re a supreme athlete or someone with prior injuries? These “personal trainers” are not going to be able to accommodate you the way the Warzone will.

The Warzone has had success with some of the highest level athletes and every day individuals. From diet plans that range from your average low caloric intake count to 8500 calorie per day diet plans to lose weight. Does that sound crazy? Well that’s why major fitness chains and boot camps around send their instructors to the Warzone; so that we can train them because that is what we do best.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a personal trainer then you have taken your first step in the right direction. It’s your first step made that reaffirms a long lasting lifestyle change. Your age, size, or fitness level today does not matter because it’s never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle. Here at the Warzone we have the experience to help you achieve your goals. Don’t let yourself believe that you are so out of shape that it’s too late to start.

Your goals are our motivation. If we succeed in helping you, we are sure you will recommend your friends to us because of your positive experience. Our personal trainers are professional at what they do and when we say professionals, we literally mean professional. They can be seen on national television, in newspapers, or in the gym working with someone just like you. They are masters at what they do as professional boxers because they have lived their entire lives dedicated to the sport of supreme conditioning, balance, speed, power, nutrition, and confidence. These athletes have dedicated their entire lives to training and mastering their skills and today remain some of the top names in boxing.

Every one of our clients will have a full menu of services to available to them to help them reach their goals. Custom meal plans that include nutritional diet, fitness & lifestyle adjustments for boxing. We are here to get you in shape, and teach you real and useful self-defense.