In honor of our hero’s the Warzone and its entire staff are happy to give active duty service men and women as well as veterans free gym access. It’s not much in comparison but we are here, and you are welcomed to be a part of our family. All we ask is for you to bring in a copy of your DD214 or your military ID and that’s it. Since 2002 the Warzone has had it’s door’s open to you and our Rancho Cucamonga location is open 7 days per week. Weights, Ellyptical, Spin Bike’s, Heavy Bags, Speed Bags and more are all here for you 7 days per week.

We have added a few video’s from our ALL MILITARY Fight Team “The WARDOGZ” that was put together by Marine Vet Sgt. Mark Ho, a head coach for our Military Boxing Team was also on the Marine’s All Military Boxing Team. Mark also works for the Corona Vet Center so you may have seen him around in the big Mobil Vet Motor Bus or participating in several marathons across California. Another Coach here at the Warzone is ARMY Veteran Ben Porter who runs our strength and conditioning programs. 

The gym is full of veterans and active duty servicemen and some are even coaches here so please, feel free to give us a call or stop by anytime no appointment needed. Also please tell your fellow servicemen know about us.

Thank you for given so much, God Bless.