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Boxing Coach Michael Franco

Main Event Boxing
Mike Franco 3X National Amateur Champion & Former WBC intercontinental Champions

Michael “Warrior” Franco was a 3 time National Amateur Champion and as a professional he accumulated an excellent professional Record of 19 Wins with only 1 defeat on his record with 12 wins by way of knock out. In 2009 he won the World Boxing Council Intercontinental Championship Title (WBC). Born in Orange County Ca. Michael now resides in Rancho Cucamonga, and dedicates 6 days per week to personal training. Mike has an excellent reputation to not just posses a vast knowledge of boxing, but also the ability to motivate a person and help them achieve their goals.






IBF USBA CHAMPIONS Daniel "Twitch" Franco Warzone Boxing Club
IBF USBA CHAMPIONS Daniel “Twitch” Franco Warzone Boxing Club

 Boxing Coach Daniel “Twitch” Franco

Daniel “Twitch” Franco is a 3X National Amateur Champion and is currently 15 & 0 as a professional with 10 Knock Outs. “Twitch” as he is referred to is a rising star under the Roc Nation Sports promotional team and is one of the brightest prospects in boxing today. With an impressive boxing IQ and dedication he has caught the attention of many in the industry. On November 10th 2016 He won the IBF Intercontinental Title and a World Ranking of number 15 in the World. He did this with a devastating 4th round knock out over previously unbeaten Derick Murray. Murry who was a Multi National Champion who lost his spot on the 2008 Olympic Team and had a perfect record of 13 & 0 with 7 knock outs graciously said to the new champ. Ive been in boxing for 18 years and I have never been hit that hard. Coach Daniel was born in Riverside Ca. and resides in Rancho Cucamonga as well and is available 6 days per week.




 Head Boxing Coach Al Franco

Head Boxing Coach Al has been involved in boxing since grade school. He began working with professional athletes in the late 1990’s and formed his very first gym in 1997. It wasn’t until 2002 that he opened up the Warzone Boxing Club in Riverside Ca and in 2009 moved it to Rancho Cucamonga Ca and is still today the most sought after gym in the Inland Empire.

The Warzone has become one of the most recognizable gyms around today, with the success of 18 Amateur National and World Champions and a trip to the 2004 Olympics along with two (2) World Boxing Council Intercontinental Championship Titles under his guidance.

Coach Al has amassed 139 Wins with only 17 losses with his stable of professional boxers and is reaching 1100 wins with his amateur program with only 96 losses. His current amateur stable has been helping many professional boxers get ready for their bouts. He has been the sole coach of both Mike and Daniel throughout their amateur and professional careers.

His stable of young amateur fighters include Robert Ochoa who at 16 yrs. of age has helped 2 World Champions prepare for their world titles and Daniel “Chucky” Barrera who at the age 14 has only 2 years of experience and is the 2014 National Golden Gloves Jr. Champion, 2014 Blue & Gold Champion, 2014 Desert Showdown Champion, 2014 Diamond Belt Champion, 2015 Blue & Gold Champion, 2015 Diamond Champion, 2015 Desert Showdown Champion and 2015 National PAL Champion. 2016 Silver Gloves District Champion, 2016 Silver Gloves State Champion. 2017 Silver Gloves Regional Champion

Another rising amateur is Ronnie Biggers who also has been sought after for sparring with world champions in the professional ranks. Ronnie is approaching his professional career in the near future and is sure to be another rising star coming out of this stable.