Amateur Boxing Competition

Amateur Boxing Training for Olympic Competition at the Warzone Boxing Club.

If you are serious about Amateur Boxing Training at an elite level we may be the gym you are looking for. Hard core athletes may find that the dedication and commitment required here may be

Amateur Boxing Training at the Warzone Boxing Club
Amateur Boxing Training

to extreme. We are not a community center so hard work is demanded to remain in this gym. Our belief is that your lifestyle must be that of dedication to your training in and out of the ring. The importance of choosing the right gym in the beginning will make the difference of you learning proper or improper technique. That’s why the choice is simple when it comes to choosing the right gyms. We are here to build the best boxers to compete at the highest levels possible. We offer structured and detailed training in proper form and fundamentals and to ensure you represent us properly in competition.

What this means is, we must involve ourselves in your training 100%. What people see will either bring in more clients or keep them away. Though you are not required to compete, this training must be taken seriously and all students must go through a 12 week training probation. You will get personal training twice per week and group Classes twice per week as well. You will learn the fundamentals of the sweat science, strength training, conditioning, and speed training. However, by the end of the 12 weeks there will be physical goals that all students must meet in order to remain in this program. Anyone who fails to meet these physical requirements will be cut from the program.

Amateur Boxing Training will eventually be 5 days per week in the following structure:

3 MILE RUN – Must be ran every day. You must show up early to complete run before scheduled training begins.

PUSH UPS & SIT UPS – are to be done at completion of your personal training session. First week we ask that you do 50 of each and increase by 50 each week until you reach 500 by week 10. You should now be able to complete 500 push-ups and sit ups daily.

MONDAYS  Thru FRIDAY – One on one training sessions are scheduled between the hours of 7:00 am & 8:00 pm. We will focus on proper stance, footwork, lateral & linear movements, the proper use of the jab & cross. You will learn to attack and defend using the above mentioned tools.  (No gear is needed for the first 3 weeks. Only a water bottle, a jump rope, and running shoes are required.) TRAINING TIME 1 HOUR for Beginners

SATURDAY & SUNDAYS – Group Training unless competing in competition event

PRICE: $200 per month for the first 3 months with no enrollment, registration or contract fees. Our price will drop to $100 per month after the third month, however all boxers will have to meet certain requirements. In order to remain in this program after the 3 months you will need to pass all of the above, no exceptions. Training time will increase from 1 hour to 2.5 hours per day and our prices will drop by $5 per month. For every bout you register, win or lose, we will drop your payment by $5 until you are FREE. This is why we need to ensure you represent us well; so that the next paying client is here because of you!

REQUIREMENTS TO MEET: You must meet the following minimal standards by their 12th week in order to remain in our program. They will need to complete a 3 mile run in 24 minutes or less, complete 500 push-ups and sit-ups. Pass random drug tests and lower as well as  maintain a 9% body fat. Any missed days will be made up with a 10 mile run. (NO Excuses and NO Exceptions)