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Professional Boxing Training for Men, Women and Kids of all ages

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Boxing Training for Men, Women & Kids


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Contact the Warzone today by giving us a call or text message now. You can also send us…

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MEN’S BOXING CLASSES FOR FITNESS – HEALTH & SELF-DEFENSE Men’s Boxing Training at the Warzone is a…

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AMATEUR BOXING TRAINING FOR OLYMPIC COMPETITION BOXING Amateur Boxing Training for Olympic Competition and Professional Boxing is…

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Boxing Training for elite Amateur Competition, Professional Boxing and Self-Defense is why the Warzone was originally created. In 1997, the Warzone was only offering Personal Training to elite clients and Law Enforcement Agencies in Riverside Ca. Our exclusive approach gave us tremendous success allowing us to be selective of our clientele. So selective that we did not accept any females who were not law enforcement or kids under the age of sixteen. It wasn’t until 2002 when the demand from our clients to take on their family and friends moved us into the main stream.


Member Since 2004

In 2017, our programs for men, women and children in Amateur Competition, Professional Boxing and Self-Defense have been rated the best available. Classes in Fitness Training to develop strength, balance, and nutrition are available with Personal Trainers and/or in group classes. In addition to one of the most successful competition boxing programs around, our Men’s Boxing classes can’t be matched. The structure and intent of these classes are to get adults in shape and to teach proper form and technique while having fun. Kids Boxing classes are intended to instill confidence, discipline, and respect while also learning self-defense. We also have Fitness Training for both men and women to help them burn calories fast in only 30 minutes.

Having so much success makes us one of the most recognizable and sought after gyms in the entire Inland Empire. We have developed 19 National, International and World Amateur Champions and we have the current #1 Amateur in the United States.

Current and ex Professional Boxers make up the Coaching staff at the Warzone and it is only this level of trainers that you will find here. Beginning their amateur careers and moving on to the professional ranks, we have won WBC and IBF USBA Titles. Our goal is to offer the best Personal Trainers, Amateur Competition Boxing, Self-Defense and Fitness Training to everyone. We want to help people regain mobility, physical strength, balance, and a healthy lifestyle all through boxing.

So what is our “Men’s Boxing” class all about? First, it is the understanding that boxing is one of the most interesting and oldest sports in history. If taught correctly, it gets people in shape, teaches Self-Defense and is extremely motivating for men of all ages. It makes a man feel like man and that’s why we offer structured programs that teach the mechanics and fundamentals of the sport the correct way. We will prepare all our clients for an introduction into controlled contact and eventual sparring. After six weeks of fundamentals and muscle development, we move our beginners into our novice group. Here is where the training becomes fun; sparring and advanced drills are introduced to push you to that next level.

For those interested in Amateur Competition, we are here to help develop the skills and work ethics needed. We want you to compete at the highest levels by teaching the fundamentals and details needed to be successful. Olympic and professional level competition is what we expect; but first you will need to meet our requirements. Parents, we also offer Boxing classes for kids as young as 4 years old. Classes are grouped by certain age ranges so that the younger kids are separated from the youths and teens.

Professional boxers and coaches come to the Warzone to get that next level of training. We’re here to help advance your own knowledge so that you can pass it on to your own students. Be the trainer of trainers like us. Large fitness corporations like 24 Hour Fitness and Equinox come to us for our professional trainers with immense firsthand knowledge.

Personal Trainers are available 7 days per week and all programs are set to meet every individual’s needs. For the Best Men’s Boxing Classes, Kids Boxing, Fitness Training, Self-Defense, or Amateur Competition Boxing then give us a call. Our expert coaches in Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Muscle Building and of course boxing are here to get people to that next level. A Licensed Nutritionist is on site to help you make weight healthily and sanely.

NOTE: For those looking to compete, beginners with no experience are preferred. An evaluation of all experienced fighters is a must before being accepted into our fight team. Also we are not a community center and we are not here to keep kids off the streets. This is a place of structure and dedication to being the best. Only those with this same goals and understanding will be accepted and allowed to compete at the Warzone.

We are only minutes away from Alta Loma, Bloomington, Chino, Chino Hills, Claremont, Corona, Diamond Bar, Eastvale. Etiwanda, Fontana, Mira Loma, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Bernardino and Upland Ca.